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Adjustable Winnie the Pooh Locket Necklace

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Beautiful and elegant!

Beautiful vintage Winnie the Pooh china locket on a 30" adjustable chain.

Our broken china jewelry photo locket is sterling silver with a lightly antiqued finish. Featuring a vintage Winnie the Pooh! A loving keepsake gift for your wife as you celebrate your wedding anniversary. Our sterling silver rhodium finished chain is included. Adjusts from the back. She will simply adjust to the perfect length.

Locket measures 1 1/8" round. Unique broken china jewelry at its finest. Our sterling silver lockets come with a template to size your photos, a protective cover for photos and an inner frame to hold them in. It's easy!

A locket is probably the most personal form of jewelry one can wear or give as a gift. Lockets and their contents can tell stories and express intimate details about one’s life. They are most often used to hold a picture of a loved one or a small and sentimental object.

Lockets were popularized during World War I, when “sweetheart jewelry” became increasingly popular for women who wanted to hold a piece of their husbands close to their heart while they were away at war.

A locket makes a great gift for someone who wants to honor a loved one by keeping their picture with them at all times, or as a way to help someone mourn a loss and preserve someone’s memory.

Although lockets themselves may be small, the value of what they can hold are endless. Lockets make excellent pieces of keepsake jewelry because as they are passed down from generation to generation, the contents can be switched out and altered to fit the desires of their new owner while the significance of the locket itself is preserved.


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