About Us

Mary-Ann worked in her family’s fine art and frame gallery, where for many years she was an art consultant helping clients with their design projects and advising them on color, presentation and conservation. She is a self taught jewelry designer who over the years has has shown her work in galleries and shops nationwide.

She started DinnerWear Jewelry® in 1998 while she was still at the gallery, all the while working side by side with her sister. They made an arrangement so Mary-Ann could have fall and winter weekends off to hit the road for shows and launch DinnerWear.

Here at DinnerWear Jewelry® we offer handmade broken china jewelry using recycled vintage china. Unique patterns from all around the world - our vintage china pieces are from England, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Poland to name a few. Any requests? Please drop us a line and we will let you know what we have in our current stock.

Our specialty is working with you to design custom pieces using your own family china, with many years experience designing sentimental broken china. Our keepsake jewelry is a unique gift for family events and to honor loved ones. It will be loved and passed from generation to generation.

China that is passed down through your family's generations holds powerful memories. Keep your loved ones close to your heart with custom keepsake jewelry, made from your family china. Chipped or cracked dishes with sentimental value can become unique keepsakes to share with family and friends.

See our collection of custom order options here.